Ayurvedic Treatments

Touch therapy is an important part of Ayurveda and the various treatments offered by Shakti Healing deeply relaxing and rejuvenating. Ayurvedic treatments revitalize and purify the body, calm the mind and soothe the senses.

Beyond spa treatments...

Elke Savala at Shakti Healing is an experienced and skilled Massage Therapist, Bodyworker, Intuitive Healer and Ayurvedic Practitioner. She offers services at reasonable prices in a comfortable, relaxed and unhurried environment. Elke uses highest quality herbal oils and customizes sessions to address individual dosha (body type) and needs. She also teaches clients specific techniques to incorporate into their daily routine for self care.


A soothing and deeply relaxing full body massage with warm herbal oils. This treatment reduces stress and fatigue, nourishes the tissues and revitalizes the body.

60 minutes $80

Shakti Healing Massage

A nurturing intuitive Abhyanga massage with warm herbal oils. Some key Marma points (vital energy points) are stimulated or sedated and hot lava rocks are placed on the body. This massage is deeply relaxing and it replanishes vital energy. A favorite with clients!

90 minutes $115, 2 hours $150

Marma Massage

Marma points (vital energy points), nadis (energy channels) and chakras (energy centers) are utilized in this treatment. Essential and herbal oils are applied to specific marma points, alleviating physical mental and emotional stress. The subtle energy system is cleared and balanced and Prana (life force) is restored.

90 minutes $115, 2 hours $150

Bliss Therapy

A luxurious package consisting of Abhyanga massage with rejuvenating herbal oil and Shirodhara. This treatment is the ultimate in stress reduction.

2 hours & 15 minutes $170

Shakti Cleanse

A detoxifying package consisting of Abhyanga massage with cleansing herbal oil, hot rocks, Nasya and Swedana (sweat with herbal steam).

2 hours $150

Shakti Restorative Package

Refresh your body, mind and spirit with this customized retreat package. Restorative treatments can emphasize detoxification, relaxation or rejuvenation depending on your needs.

3 hour package $220


Continuous stream of warm oil flowing on a woman's forehead and scalp

After a scalp and face massage, a continuous stream of warm oil flows gently over the forehead, stimulating the sixth chakra (third eye). This profoundly relaxes the nervous system, soothes the mind and improves
mental clarity.

60 minutes $90

For maximum benefit Shirodhara is recommended in conjunction with Abhyanga Massage.
2 hour & 15 minute package $170



Nasya-Sinus Treatment

A scalp and face massage is fallowed by a herbal steam inhalation. Medicated Nasya oil is applied to the nostrils to cleanse the sinus passages. Nasya eliminates toxins, reduces sinus congestion, allergies, chronic neck and jaw tension. Nasya has an balancing effect on the brain and nervous system.

30 minutes $45

Nasya is recommended in conjunction with Abhyanga Massage.
90 minutes $115


Herbalized steam bath stimulates the sweat glands and the lymphatic system. This increases circulation, eliminates toxins and strengthens the immune system.

30 minutes $45

For maximum benefit Swdana is recommended after a Abhyanga Massage.
2 hour package $150

Netra Basti

A facial marma massage is followed with an eye treatment. Medicated ghee or herbal infusions are applied to relive dryness, redness, tension and eyestrain. Glaucoma and other eye imbalances can also be addressed.

60 minutes $80

Karna Purana

Therapeutic oil treatment of the ears following a scalp face and ear massage. This treatment relieves itching, dryness and tinnitus. Ear candling can be added on to eliminate old debris and built up wax.

30 minutes $45

Karna Purana is recommended in conjunction with Abhyanga Massage
90 minutes $115


Dry herbs, raw silk gloves or herbal pastes (Ubtans) exfoliate and nourish the skin. Circulation, lymphatic flow and metabolism are improved, reducing water retention and cellulite.

30 minutes $45

Recommended in conjunction with Abhyanga Massage
90 minutes $115

Kizhi-Herbal Bolus

Pouches filled with medicinal herbs are rhythmically pounded on muscles and joints. Recommended for back pain, joint pain, soreness, stiffness, edema and weight reduction.

60 minutes $80

Recommended in conjunction with Abhyanga Massage
90 minutes $115

Chakra/Marma Basti

Medicated oils or ghee (retained by a flour dam) are placed over various chakras or marma points.

  • Uro Basti: a healing ghee basti for the heart chakra. Soothing essential oils strengthen the physical heart and balance the emotions.

  • Kutti Basti: treats the lumbar or the thoracic regions of the spine. Anti-inflammatory herbs soothe, strengthen and heal the tissues. Beneficial for disk problems and back pain.

  • Adrenal Basti: warm herbal oils are placed over the kidney/adrenal area, melting away chronic stress, tension and fatigue. Depleted energy reserves are replenished and restored.

60 minutes $80

Bastis are recommended in conjunction with Abhyanga Massage
90 minutes $115, 2 hour package $150


Other Shakti Healing Therapies

Tibetan Stress Reduction

Special energy points are rhythmically tapped with a pouch containing calming herbs dipped in hot medicinal oils. A deeply restorative treatment, especially beneficial for fatigue, exhaustion, insomnia and low energy.

60 minutes $80

Recommended in conjunction with Bhang Massage.
90 minutes $115, 2 hour package $150

Tibetan Cupping and Moxa

Cups are placed over sore, stagnant and blocked areas to alleviate chronic muscular and back pain. Fascia and deep tissues are released by moving cups over the affected area. This reduces pain and speeds up tissue healing. Technique varies depending on body type and condition to be treated.

Moxa is a heat therapy, using herbs over specific energy points. Moxa is recommended for windy conditions (Lung or Vata) such as constipation, poor circulation, specific pain and joint problems. Technique and points varies depending on condition to be treated.

60 minutes $80

Cupping and Moxa is recommended in conjunction with Massage.
90 minutes $100, 2 hour package $150

Hot Rock Massage

hot lava rocks placed along a woman's back

Herbal oil massage with hot lava rocks soothes aching muscles and dissolves old holding patterns in the fascia. Hot rocks applied to the spinal column aid in releasing blocks from the central channel. This treatment is deeply relaxing, grounding and rejuvenating.

60 minutes $80, 90 minutes $115

Pre-natal and Post-natal Massage

Special care during pregnancy reduces stress, relieves back pain and nourishes the tissues, thus minimizing tissue depletion and changes such as stretch marks. After childbirth, treatments help to regulate hormones and emotions, replenish energy and restore tissue health and skin elasticity.

60 minutes $80, 90 minutes $115

Elke offers reduced prices on packages of six to twelve treatments. Lessons on Ayurvedic self-care and baby care can be included in these packages.

Yoga Massage

This session focuses on structural issues and alleviates chronic conditions such as repetitive stress injuries, sciatica, back pain and joint problems. Includes massage, bodywork, active joint movement and Yoga stretches. Sessions can be done on a massage table or on a mat with your clothing on (loose, comfortable natural fiber is recommended).
Elke can also recommend a Therapeutic Yoga home routine for your issues.

60 minutes $80, 90 minutes $115

Ayurvedic Facial

Relax with a rejuvenating marma face and scalp massage. All-natural products are customized for your skin type. Individual skin concerns are addressed.

60 minutes $80, 90 minutes $115


A fivefold deep cleansing and rejuvenation therapy. Panchakarma is recommended as a seasonal cleanse and for various health concerns. Panchakarma is available as a three, five or seven day package.

Reservations and Info

Please call Elke at Shakti Healing to book your appointment. 24-hour notice is requested for cancellations and appointment changes.


Please wear comfortable warm clothes and for Shirodhara treatments bring a washable head cover (your hair will be oily). It is best not to eat for two hours before your treatment. To get the full benefit of your session allow for relaxation time after your treatment.

Client Feedback

"Most of my therapy with Elke over 3 1/2 years has been centered around Abhyanga massages which are consistently the best I’ve ever experienced in my life, providing huge stress relief and peace of mind. They quite simply give me a quick fix of rejuvenation. But Elke’s powers of healing do not stop there. I encourage anyone who consults with her to open their minds to how she can help them."
-Kimberly S.

"This was an extraordinary experience. Elke takes you in and out of a trance through her hands on your body, through music, through the soothing magic of hot oil, and allows you to linger there under the warmth of smooth stones." Nothing is predictable, it's all an adventure and her hands and heart are so caring that you can only be grateful for her sacred gift."
Peter S.

"I highly recommend Elke because she highly skilled and has an intuitive touch. Elke has helped me with my back pain, among other problems. She uses warm Ayurvedic herbal oils, essential oils, and hot rocks in her 90 minute Ayurvedic massage. Wonderful!!!"
Maw S.

"Elke brings a profound depth and dynamism to her work. Her Ayurvedic massage is truly relaxing and transformative. She has knowing hands and has helped me with some difficult abdominal and coccygeal issues with her bodywork. I have been a doctor of chiropractic for 25 years and I recommend Elke highly".
Jeff G.

"Chronic tension had manifested in my body after year's of high stress. The results of Elke's treatments were immediate and amazing! I am a bodyworker and healer and I recommend Elke's services to anyone in need of a healing touch.
Leland Stanford

"Elke is an exceptionally gifted healer! I am so glad to have found her and very appreciative of her help. Following just a couple of sessions..., I have regained my spirit, focus and strength."
-Margit S.

"Elke's bodywork sessions are generous and deeply relaxing, and are focused to specific issues such as weight loss and detox."
- Philip S.

"You are amazing. It was a very powerful session. Amazing really...I slept for 24 hours. It was a pleasure to meet you. Thank you."
Emma D.

"All the tension that I've been holding in my neck, shoulders, and back has been released. I felt a release of tensions in my mind as well. This massage treatment was the perfect thing for me to experience."
Lila F.