Panchakarma Cleanse

Panchakarma (PK) can be translated from Sanskrit as "The 5 actions". PK is an important branch of Ayurvedic Medicine and many imbalances are treated with this unique and comprehensive system of purification. Panchakarma is also recommended preventively as a rejuvenating seasonal cleanse and as preparation for conception.

Half Day Panchakarma Retreat

Panchakarma is offered as a three, five or seven day package. Longer arrangements can be made. In a Pre-Panchakarma consultation, Elke will recommend the appropriate length of time/program and give you detailed instructions for your Purvakarma (preparation for the Panchakarma).
The Purvakarma (Pre-purification) and Rasayana after the Panchakarma is self administered under Elke's close guidance.
A initial Consultation is necessary for new Clients before a Panchakarma is scheduled. A 30 minute Post Panchakarma Consultation is included in your package.

3 hour Panchakarma Package will include:

  • Abhyanga-warm herbal oil massage
  • Nasya- cleansing therapeutic oils applied through the nostrils
  • Karana Purana- soothing ear treatment with medicated oils
  • Swedana- detoxifying herbalized steam therapy
  • Shirodhara (cooling treatment)
  • Horme Tibetan stress reduction treatment (warming treatment)

Panchakarma Package can also include:

  • Marma Massage- energy point (similar to acupressure)
  • Hot Rock massage- applying hot lava rocks
  • Netra Basti- rejuvenating eye treatment with ghee
  • Kutti Basti- restorative spinal treatment
  • Chakra Basti- nourishing chakra balancing
  • Kizhi-herbal bolus treatment
  • Ubvaratan/Garshana- skin exfoliation with herbal powder, paste or raw silk cloths

Rate: $230 per day this includes 3 hours of treatments and lunch
You will be at Shakti Healing for 3.5 hours all together from 10:00 am to 1:30 pm (unless otherwise arranged).

A 50% deposit is required in order to reserve your space.

The 3 Phases of Panchakarma

Purvakarm (Pre-purification)

The duration of the Pre-purification is as long as the Panchakarma. This preparation includes dietary, exercise and lifestyle restrictions. Internal and external oiliation (snehana) mobilizes toxins from the deep tissues. These toxins are brought towards the GI tract where they are eliminated during Panchakarma.

Panchakarma (Purification Phase)

During this process the mobilized toxins are expelled through the natural channels of the body. Techniques such as fomentation, steam and heat therapy are applied to prepare the body for the main cleansing methods. These five methods (Shodhanas) consist of the following elimination therapies:

  • Vamana; therapeutic emesis (only for Kapha conditions)
  • Virechana; purgation through herbs, cleanses the small intestine
  • Basti; medicated enema, cleanses the colon
  • Nasya; intranasal application of medicated oils, cleanses the nasal and sinus passages
  • Raktamoksha; blood purification with herbs or by donating blood

Not all five procedures are necessarily utilized. The treatments are always based on individual Prakruti (constitution), Vikruti (current imbalances), physical-emotional state and season of the year.

During Panchakarma it is recommended not to work and to restrict exercise, social engagements and other activities in order to rest as much as possible. Menses is contraindicated in this phase (ladies please plan accordingly).

Rasayana (Rejuvenating Phase)

To phase back into your regular (improved) diet, exercise routine and other activity's gradually is very important. This can take as long as the duration of the Panchakarma. In your Post-Panchakarma Consultation Elke recommends Rasayanas include rejuvenating herbal formulas, diet and lifestyle guidelines to help you maximize the benefits of the PK and to build a strong foundation for good health.

A 3 day Panchakarma is a all together a 9 day cleanse, a 5 day Panchakarma is a 15 day cleanse and a 7 day Panchakarma is a 21 day cleanse (including Purvakarma and Rasayana).


This is a self administered modified cleanse that is affordable for everyone. Elke will consult with you, supply you with herbs and support you throughout your home cleanse.

Rejuvenating Package (Rasayana)

When a Panchakarma cleanse is contraindicated a Rejuvenating Package can be the solution. Recommended for conditions such as a compromised immunity, nervous system disorders, general exhaustion and aging. This restorative treatment package will deeply nourish and revitalize mind and body. 3 or 5 consecutive days of treatments include Abhyangha and customized options such as Shirodhara, Horme, Adrinal basti, Netra basti. Therapeutic restorative Yoga instructions can be part of your package.

Rate: $190 per day for a 2.5 hour treatment. You will be at Shakti Healing for 3 hours all together from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm (unless otherwise arranged).


For more information on Panchakarma, Home-Panchakarma or Rejuvenating Package please contact Elke at Shakti Healing 510-525-2956 or send a message.


Pregnancy, infectious and spreading conditions and highly weakened immunity are contraindicated. For more serious health conditions, consult with a licensed medical doctor prior to your Panchakarma. Ayurvedic services are in no way intended as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment of disease; they are meant as complementary care.



Shirodhara oil treatment

Why have Panchkarma?

Ama (Cellular Toxins)
Undigested food, emotions and mental stress lead to impaired cellular function and vitiated Dosha. Low digestive and tissue agni (metabolic fire) leads to accumulation of waste products (mala).
Some symptoms of Ama are: thick coating on tongue (examine in AM before brushing teeth), lethargy, low energy, lack of motivation, poor appetite, bloating, gas (especially after meals), (junk) food craving, heaviness, constipation, candida, mucus, aches and pains, cloudy mind, metabolic disturbance (weight gain, diabetes etc.), immune dysfunctions, skin disorders, bacterial infection, allergies, chemical sensitivity and tumors.
Environmental toxins in water, air, food, cosmetics, household cleaners, plastics etc. are ever increasing. Over 100,000 chemicals are currently in use. Environmental toxins disrupt hormones, overwhelm the immune system and impair cellular self repair mechanisms. This can lead to disorders like allergies, skin disease, neurological problems and cancer.

Panchakarma is different from any other detox. Because environmental toxins such as PCB's are fat soluble, the unique methods of Panchakarma (such as using ghee and oil to bind toxins) are most effective in removing lipid toxins. Maharishi studies have shown a significant reduction of environmental toxins after Panchakarma.
Various methods of purification facilitate in evacuating Ama and accumulated Dosha from the tissues and channels. Reducing or eliminating the toxic burden restores cellular intelligence, increasing the body's self healing capacity and slowing down the aging process. Panchakarma requires proper guidance, close observation and supervision from a highly trained and skillful Ayurvedic Practitioner.

Benefits of Panchakarma

  • strengthens the immune system
  • improves digestion and elimination
  • reduces stress and restores the nervous system
  • balances metabolism and body weight
  • reverses the effects of aging
  • enhances energy, vitality and mental clarity
  • supports positive lifestyle changes
  • prevents and improves chronic health imbalances

Panchakarma restores mind-body harmony and increases longevity. It is a physical, emotional and spiritual cleanse that aids in creating lasting positive change.

Client Feedback

"Elke's skills as an Ayurvedic therapist are excellent. I've undergone Panchakarma several times and with different respected practitioners and hers is one of the best that I have found. As a clinician I know first hand that doctoring is a fine balance between having encyclopedic knowledge, compassion, and intuition. Elke possesses all of these in abundance. As soon as she touches you, you know you're in good hands.
I am a Yoga Teacher and a Doctor of Chinese Medicine. Also I am a close student of Dr. Svaboda who specializes in how Yoga and Ayurveda relate."

-Scott Blossom L.Ac.

"Elke's Panchkarma treatment is intense as it does a complete cleansing of your body. Her gift is blending her intuitive knowing into the ayurvedic tradition which zones into your problem areas without you having to spell it out. The Panchkarma treatment helped release the physical toxin as well as decades of emotional issues embedded in my body. I experienced total freedom at the end of the sessions. I highly recommend Elke's Panchkarma to all who are willing to stop and fix all that is broken within themselves."
-Maya V.

"I felt sick and Elke recommended a Pancha Karma to eliminate toxins and stress and to help me to restore my immune system. I took the time as a vacation to myself and Elke pampered me every day with ayurvedic treatments, detoxification diet, and advice for healing. As I took the time off to indulge myself in this process, I lost weight and rejuvenated so quickly. I came out the other side a changed person and believe that this process helped prevent disease and is very beneficial for anyone that needs to strengthen their immune system."
-Kimberly S

"I visited at least 3 practitioners in the bay area who offer Panchakarma before I consulted with Elke. She made me feel very comfortable, and asked me what I wanted to achieve both physically and spiritually. She gave me detailed instructions about my pre-treatment (very informative handouts). I called her almost every day during my Pre-Panchakarma and I felt very supported. Once the Panchakarma treatment began, it was one of the most amazing experiences I have had!!!
3 hours of amazing massage and other treatments followed by Shirodara every day. She also was dealing with the emotions that come up during Panchakarma. After being pampered you have steaming hot yummy kichidi waiting for you.
At the end of the Panchakarma treatment I was feeling like a million dollars, my sleep improved, my digestion was great, people complimented me about my clearer complexion.
I strongly recommend Elke if you are looking for a trusted, friendly, honest professional who knows and loves what she is doing and treats it more than just a job."

-Rupa K.