Creative Visualization and Hypnotherapy

Lasting change and deep healing can be facilitated by accessing the transformational power of the subconscious mind. The use of trance and altered states of consciousness dates back to ancient civilizations where suggestion therapy was applied for mind-body-spirit healing.

In Egypt and Mesopotamia, Priests and Priestesses treated various disorders in healing sanctuaries called "Sleep or Dream Temples". All Shamanic traditions utilize trance states to support deep healing.

Hypnosis has been recognized as an effective method to relax the body and mind as it switches the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight response) to the parasympathetic, creating a feeling of deep calm. This allows the brain to be receptive for repatterning and positive change to take place.

The applications are virtually limitless:

  • recovery from illness
  • stress reduction
  • overcoming addiction
  • weight management
  • performance enhancement
  • lifestyle changes
  • enhanced creativity and learning
  • overcoming compulsions and phobias
  • pain management
  • and much more

Elke helps you clarify your goals during your initial consultation. Sessions are mind-body oriented. For example, while in a comfortable relaxed state, you may perceive images representing obstacles and/or blocked energy anywhere in the body.

The language of the subconscious mind is symbolic. Each individual perceives differently. Some see clear images (visual), others feel emotions and sensations (kinesthetic), or hear messages (auditory). The remedy for any problem, including health issues, is within. With Elke's gentle guidance, solutions emerge and become clear. One is then empowered to release blocks, replacing them with images, affirmations, beliefs, etc. that are positive and transformative.

Even a limited number of sessions can create rapid transformation and healing. Post suggestions reinforce lasting positive change. Most people feel a deep sense of peace and well-being and have a new resolve after each session.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a Tantric Yogic trance practice similar to guided visualization. This session harmonizes the unconscious and regulates the conscious mind. This meditative technique deeply relaxes and restores the mental, emotional and physical body. One hour of yoga nidra is said to replace seven hours of regular sleep. It is particularly beneficial for people with high-stress lifestyles and sleep disorders.

Gunas (qualities of the mind)

Ayurveda and Yoga describes three characteristics of the mind:

  • Satva (harmony, purity)
  • Rajas (action, passion)
  • Tamas (inertia, stability)

We all have these qualities in different proportions. A person with more satva can be calm, emotionally stabel and patient. Someone with more rajas is active and has a tendency towards overworking and materialism. When out of balance can be aggressive and controlling. Tamas creates grounding and stability and in excess can lead to laziness, apathy and ignorance.

Diet, lifestyle and environment all effect the mind and its gunas. When satva declines rajas and tamas increase. We all can benefit from cultivating more sattva. Meditation practices and Yoga Nidra helps to increase this balanced state of mind.






Elke is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and has completed numerous mind-body related trainings including Yoga Nidra.

Please call 510 525-2956 for more information.

Session Prices
  • 60 minutes : $80
  • 90 minutes: $115
  • 2 hours: $150


Client Feedback

"I stumbled onto Elke just when I needed her most in my life. What a blessing that discovery was… Elke has amazing healing abilities and you would be hard pressed to find anyone that cares as much as Elke does about your realizing your true potential. I worked with Elke to unlock answers from within myself that my overly busy conscious mind does not have time to process effectively.  After a few hypnotherapy sessions with Elke, I had HUGE breakthroughs. This really convinced me of Elke’s amazing healing abilities. I really recommend Elke as I definitely feel she has a gift that I have not come close to discovering with previous hypnotherapists. Elke genuinely cares for her clients, just open your mind to healing, and Elke will help you with the rest."
-Kim S.

Elke is a tranformative force much needed for everyone today...[one] of Elke's gifts is Hypnotherapy through which I could connect to my highest spiritual teachers and understand the areas which my soul was crying to be resolved. That was a divine gift...I was able to get in touch with my higher self, in spite of my initial resistance, and see the path for me in areas of job, partner & spiritual awakening thereby healing myself in the process."
-Maya V.

"I needed to get back on track... to eating better, exercising more and just taking better care of myself. A bad cold took me off track for several month and I lacked the the energy to do the things... particularly working out on a regular basis. Following my hypnotherapy session I eat better, exercise 5 days per week and have much more energy and focus overall. Thank you Elke".
-Margit S.