Healing Art

Elke Savala creates original paintings, using oils, watercolors and mixed media. She is also a digital photographer and enjoys photographing exotic scenes on her travels.

Elke's Statement

"Art and healing are my true passion.
My background as a holistic healer opens a pathway into my artwork. I intuit the subject matter from the deep well of universal mythology and philosophy.

My love of the natural world and its essential elements inspires some of the symbolic meaning. In the tradition of Surrealism, I like to weave surprising elements into my images, creating mysterious worlds.

I aspire to create healing Art that transcends consciousness as I am searching for the poetic essence that remains a mystery."

I am calling on the wisdom and power of Shakti to transcend destructive forces and heal the planet."


Limited edition giclee prints, mixed media, paintings, digital photography and collages are available.

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"Reflections", digital photo

ormation" digital collage


"Inner Space" digital collage

"White Lily" Spirit Guide, oil on canvas


"Gaia" Earth Goddess, mixed media