In addition to being a holistic therapist, Elke is a visual artist and holds a bachelor's degree in design. She has completed numerous workshops in Feng Shui, space clearing and many other related subjects. She also trained with Eric Dowsett, an internationally renowned Dowser.

Elke has helped many clients to transform their living and work spaces. The process of creativity involved in decorating and space design nurtures and is inspired by, her artistic gifts. Elke enjoys seeing the effects that immediately result from these hands-on services improving her clients' lives.

Ayurvedic Environmental Assessment

Elke addresses individual health concerns that are potentially affected by one's work or personal living space. The initial consultation can include:

  • health and constitutional assessment
  • five sense therapy
  • elemental balancing for environments
  • creating a home that supports optimum wellness

Feng Shui, Space Clearing and Dowsing

Sessions focus on intuitively sensed energetic qualities of a space. Services can include:

  • balancing subtle energies
  • creating sacred spaces
  • dowsing for earth, fault and water lines
  • assessing electromagnetic fields

Visual Consulting and Decorating

Elke offers earth conscious space design and decorating that are aesthetically appealing and affordable. Imaginative rearranging of existing furnishings, art, etc. is within her philosophy of eco-friendly, "green" design. Services provided include:

  • creative re-use of existing furnishings
  • color consulting
  • art consulting
  • shopping assistance for your home or business

Healing Centers and Spas

Elke's background uniquely qualifies her to understand the special needs of health-related businesses. Services can include:

  • Concept and thematic design
  • Practical, spa-friendly decorating
  • Visual consulting for healing retreats
  • Developing original services and products

Healing Art

Elke also offers original paintings and prints:

  • Images for healing environments
  • Feng shui balancing paintings
  • Ayurvedic and Goddess inspired art
  • Art commissions to interpret your personal vision


View Elke's art at www.art-elk.com


"Quan Yin" Healing Goddess, digital collage

Client Feedback

"Elke has an artist's eye for decorating, as well as a keen sense of the necessity for practical and livable environments. She has transformed my apartment from a cluttered mess into an attractive, calming space in which I can work and entertain. This was done quickly and affordably, and has made a real impact on my daily life and sense of well-being."
-Philip S.

"Elke redecorated my home/office space for me so it is now both inviting and pleasing to the eye. Above all, my home feels welcoming as soon as you enter the front door--it's a place you feel like relaxing in. Because I invite clients into my home my most important requirement was that the client consultation area be both gracious and functional. Elke was able to accomplish this without breaking my budget, an amazing feat I attribute in part to her deep understanding of Feng Shui principles. I recommend her highly to anyone who is looking to increase their business success, or who just wants to enjoy "la dolce vita" in a beautiful environment.
- Marie N.

My apartment had the typical modern bachelor look, HDTV, stereo, computer, black furniture and bare walls. It was cold and barren. With Elke's interior decorating skills, she added warmth and life into my home. She was able to do a makeover by adding color, texture and some of her wonderful paintings and tapestries. She also added plants and a fountain to give my place harmony and balance, transforming what once was a cold black hole completely. Elke arranged my furniture to give space and depth to my apartment. Without buying any new furniture these changes were remarkable and also surprisingly low budget. It is nice to come home to a comforting environment and I truly enjoy my new living space.
- Carl N.

Elke has helped me to make my home a beautiful, organized space. I was a pack-rat, and overwhelmed by the resultant accumulation of too much stuff. After our first session which focused on de-cluttering as well as brilliant decorating ideas, the energy truly was freed up to flow. Now I feel empowered to more easily maintain an orderly, aesthetically pleasing environment. Elke gave me homework "assignments" which were also very helpful. I am grateful for her expertise, boundless energy and enthusiasm in helping me to transform my home!"
- Linda K.