Energy Healing

Yogic and Tantric mystics describe the subtle body as sheets covering the immortal soul. In western esoteric teachings the aura is the protective shield that keeps the body healthy.

Stress and trauma can damage the aura, causing gaps and interrupting Prana, the life-force. Depleted Prana (Chi in chinese medicine) can be experienced as fatigue and low resistance to illness. Clearing, balancing and energizing the subtle body facilitates in restoring health.

Quantum physics confirms ancient mystical teachings; everything in the Universe is vibrational, made of sound and light on its most subtle level. Indian philosophy states that in the beginning there was the sound Om pronounced as A-U-M.

We are made primarily of empty space surrounded by an energy matrix. Vibrations of light and sound affect the denser vibration of physical matter. Sound, color, light and intention can be directed to bring the body back into a state of harmony and flow.

Pranic (energy) healing is especially recommended for physical and emotional trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder and life transitions. Elke is adept at channeling and transmitting universal healing energy through her hands. Sessions can include:

  • energy clearing
  • chakra balancing
  • breath work
  • sound healing
  • color healing
  • crystals/gemstones
  • essential oils and flower essences
  • Shamanic techniques

Sessions can also be combined with guided imagery or Yoga Nidra, and are process rather than goal-oriented. No two sessions are alike because they are intuitively guided and each individual will have there own unique experience.

Elke has studied energy healing, channeling and Shamanism of various traditions. Among others she also apprenticed with Gerry Bostock, a renowned Australian Aboriginal Shaman.

Session Prices
  • 60 minutes: $80
  • 90 minutes: $115

For more information and to schedule an appointment, please call 510-525-2956.

Client Feedback

"Elke gave me a transcendental healing which can only be experienced. It raised my consciousness considerably."
- Anna R.

This gifted healer has been instrumental in healing my body and freeing my spirit. I was a non believer of this treatment at first, however in her gentle way, she showed me the divine gift she had... Elke is a divine healer whose energy is very transformative when you come into contact with it.
- Maya V.


Crystals add in clear electromagnetic fields

Subtle Anatomy

In Ayurveda, Nadis (called meridians in Chinese medicine) are energy pathways in the body. Marmas are energy points that are connected to the nadis and chakras. Chakras are energy wheels that run along the spine (known as the central channel). Chakras are where the physical, subtle and spiritual energies of the bodies meet.

There are one hundred and seven primary marmas, many of which are also utilized in Chinese and Tibetan Medicine. Mystic Yogic and Tantric teachings describe seven chakras and their functions. Kundalini, also named the sacred Serpent, is coiled at the base of the spine. It has the potential to awaken higher consciousness when it rises up to the crown chakra. The endocrine/glandular system is also integral to the chakras.

The Seven Chakras

Associated colors, elements, glandular systems, qualities and seed sounds:

  • Crown chakra
    white or violet, space, pituitary gland, higher consciousness and spiritual connection, silent

  • Third Eye chakra
    indigo, light, pineal gland, intuition and imagination, seed sound: AUM

  • Throat chakra
    azure blue, ether, thyroid gland, creative expression and communication, seed sound: HAM

  • Heart chakra
    green, air, thymus gland, love and compassion, seed sound: YAM

  • Navel/Solar plexus chakra
    golden yellow, fire, adrenal glands, will and personal power, seed sound: RAM

  • Sacrum chakra
    orange, water, ovaries or testicles, sexual energy and desire, seed sound: VAM

  • Root chakra
    red, ovum or sperm cell, earth, survival and grounding, seed sound: LAM

Energy healing, chakra balancing, marma treatments, meditation, yoga, and pranayama (breath techniques) all enhance subtle anatomy.