Creativity Coaching

Everyone is born with innate creative gifts. Conditions unsupportive to this creativity make us suppress our need to create. Expressing yourself through your unique gifts is the path to living life with passion and purpose. We are all creators and feel most alive and in the flow when we create.

Is there something missing in your life and you feel unfulfilled? You have the desire to create but...

  • you feel blocked, overwhelmed or can't decide
  • you have problems starting a projects or don't finish it
  • you want to bring your work to the next level
  • you struggle with self-doubts or feel unsupported

If so, you could benefit from Creativity Coaching.

What gets in the way of Creativity

  • stress
  • poor time management
  • too many demands on you
  • old negative programming
  • lack of confidence
  • being in a rut
  • clutter in home or business
  • low energy (health imbalances)

What enhances Creativity

  • listening to music
  • engaging all of the senses
  • self nurturing
  • meditative practice
  • being in nature
  • traveling-seeing things fresh
  • trying something new
  • any art making

Become aware of beliefs and behavioral patterns that stand in the way and overcome them. Release doubt, fear, anxiety, confusion and worries that suppress the creative process. Silence your inner critic and experience the joy of fearless creating. Discover, develop and nurture your unique gifts and talents. Envision your dreams and and get inspired to take actions that empower you to live a vibrant meaningful life.

Imagine the Possibilities

  • Listen to your heart's desire
  • Discover your creative passions
  • Tap into the creative flow of ideas
  • Find the perfect way to express yourself
  • Develop your authentic gifts
  • Find meaning and purpose in your life

Shakti Creativity Coaching

Intuition is at the core of creativity. Listening and trusting this intuition will allow creative ideas to flow freely. A relaxed mind and body can tap into the unlimited creative potential of universal consciousness. Elke believes that creativity and art have the most potent transformative power to bring about positive change in individuals and for the planet. A spark of creative genius is within all of us just waiting to ignite.

Elke Savala is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Intuitive Healer, Wellness Coach and Artist with a Bachelor's Degree in Design.

Customized programs can include: Creative Visualization, Hypnotherapy, Marma, Energy Balancing, Nutrition/Herbal Support, Mantra/Affirmation, Senses Therapy, Mudra, Process-oriented Art-making and more.

Please call Elke Savala at 510 525-2956 for more information, or send a message.

Session Prices:
  • 60 minutes : $80
  • 90 minutes: $115
  • 120 minutes: $150