Ayurvedic Consultations

Ayurveda promotes a lifestyle that is in harmony with the natural cycles of life (daily and seasonal rhythms) and increases awareness of one's own true nature. Nutrition and lifestyle are the foundations of good health, so recommendations are customized to the individual Prakruti (constitution) and Vikruti (current imbalances). The aim is to remove the root cause of imbalances, allowing individuals to take back control over their own bodies.

The initial consultation serves to determine your physical, mental and energetic dosha (body type) and it evaluates your current state of health.

Consultation includes:
  • pulse and tongue assessment
  • face and body reading
  • survey of past and current diet and lifestyle
  • hereditary predisposition
  • emotional and relationship factors
  • psychological disturbances, stress
  • environmental issues
You will learn about:
  • your unique physical, mental and energetic constitution
  • your current imbalances
  • nutritional guidelines for your dosha (body type)
  • custom herbal formulas, home remedies
  • exercise-yoga for your dosha
  • meditation, stress reduction techniques
  • daily self care

The initial consultation takes 2 hours. Understanding your energetic and metabolic type (dosha) and incorporating simple yet effective Ayurvedic guidelines into your daily routines will help to maintain good health and prevent illness. If you are suffering from any disorder, Ayurveda will give you the tools to improve and restore health & wellness.

Initial 2 hour Consultation $150

Follow-up Consultations:

  • thirty minutes: $45
  • one-hour: $80
  • two-hours: $150

Customized herbal formulas are typically $25-$30 for a four-to-six week supply. Other supplements may be recommended.

House calls and phone Consultations are also available.


For more information and to schedule an appointment please contact Elke Savala at Shakti Healing.
510-525-2956 elke@shaktihealing.com



pulse assessment for doshic evaluation and to determine health imbalances
Pulse assessment

Client Feedback

"I was diagnosed with cancer, untreatable by western doctors. Elke’s mind body therapy together with Ayurvedic medicines and dietary methods have kept me alive and thriving to the amazement of my doctors. I have also been helped by Don Augustine, a 73 year old Shaman on the Amazon River in Peru (whom Elke also has studied with). And, no, I’m not an airy-fairy weird type of guy, just someone who goes with what works-and keeps me alive."
-Alan C

"I met Elke almost two years a go. Little did I know how she would have a major impact on my life. Prior to meeting Elke I had a very serious operation that was life threatening and I suffered from high cholesterol. I needed to change my lifestyle to improve my health and quality of life. Through Elkes' guidance with Ayervedic Medicine, diet and exercise She helped me to restore my body to its natural order. By following these natural alternatives I have lost 50 pounds, lowered my cholesterol to normal level, and have not felt better in years. I know that I could not have changed my life without being disciplined and following the advice from Elke my mentor. I owe Elke a lot for what she has done to show me the way to a happier and healthier life.
-Carl N.

"I have greatly benefited from Elke's services. I lost over 20 pounds in a little under two months with her expert guidance. Elke has helped me to come to terms with the complex health effects of food, lifestyle and emotions, and has helped me to find the inner strength to change deeply engrained, dysfunctional patterns.
She has shown a genuine interest in my well-being while having the experience and intelligence to understand and remedy complex and multifaceted health issues."

-Philip S.

"This is a recommendation for Elke's services. After a three year run of physical ailments that moved into all areas of my being and life, I saw her for a consultation and was impressed by her vast knowledge. I also followed quite a few cooking, eating and lifestyle changes she recommended. All of my symptoms greatly reduced or disappeared completely. Many thanks, Elke!"
-Leland Stanford

"Elke is incredible knowledgeable about herbal remedies and dietary concerns. She can provide valuable advice about improving your overall health."
-Maw S